Monday, December 3, 2007

The applications for 7th TRNC frame work program will continue.

With the collaboration of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and K.T.S.O and the support of Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Institution (TUBITAK), first “Step by Step 7th Frame Program Education” was organised on 19 January 2007. Afterwards, with the collaboration of EMU and TUBITAK, a workshop was organised to give information about joining the 7th Frame Program. The workshop took place on 8th June in EMU Computer Engineering Building where people from all over the country participated and the theme of the workshop was about how to write a project proposal for the 7th Frame Program. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilay Başaran: This program will bring a lot to Cyprus. European Union 7th Frame Program Turkey International Coordinator and International Collaboration Department Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilay Başaran said that Europe has seen that Japan and America are ahead in scientific research and started “Frame Programs” first in 1984. “Community Programs have varieties. For example, Erasmus and Socrates are some of these programs” said Başaran. She also said, in different parts of Europe these kinds of research had to be integrated in a common program such as this. Projects that need high investment and risk can be operated through “Integrated projects” in Europe and Third World countries with 30-40 partners with these projects getting involved.

Europe has spared 53 billion Euro for the 7th Frame Program

Turkey first joined “The Sixth Frame Program” four years ago. At the moment, out of 5000 projects, 500 of them have come out of Turkey said Nilay Başaran. With accordance to this, Turkish scientists have better relations with Europe, have collaborated closely and have improved themselves more.

Başaran said: “For example, there is a three-dimensional interactive television project running in Bilkent University. When the project is completed with means to the Frame Program, the patent of the project will belong to Turkey. Therefore, Turkey will also start to sell technology and science to other countries.” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilay Başaran said that Europe has spared 53 billion Euro for the 7th Frame Program and it will be beneficial for us to get a share from this budget.

Kale: “It is the right of Cypriot Turks to benefit from the 7th Frame Program”

Eastern Mediterranean Univeristy, Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. İzzet Kale said that there are many universities in Cyprus as well as KOBI and in terms of running projects, Northern Cyprus has greta potential and continued: “After the ‘Step by Step 7th Frame Program’ workshop that tookplace in EMU in january, 4 project proposals were given to the program. If we can get 15-20 of these projects approved in Cyprus, the income will be more than many of the institutions in North Cyprus. In this regard, we can contribute a lot to the economy of the country with producing technology.

There are programs such as science, nutrition, transportation, information communication technologies, security, social sciences, technology, health and environmental sciences in the Frame Program. With the beginning of these projects in Cyprus, it will play a great role in the development of TRNC. Many of the people in TRNC recieve a university education and they can be successful in running these projects stated Kale. Izzet Kale emphasized that with the means of 7th Frame Program, Cyprus will be able to sell technology to other countries and Turkish Cypriot people will have the chance to be employed in high positions.

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