Monday, December 3, 2007


EMU has been ranked in 1401st position , according to the July 2007 results of Webometrics World Universities’ Ranking. More than thirteen thousand universities were included in the ranking.According to the same ranking methods, EMU is in thirteenth position amongst universities in Turkey.

Webometrics World Universities’ Ranking was compiled by Cybermetrics Lab which works under the umbrella of Centro de Informacion y Documentacion (CINDOC) which is the largest public research body in Spain, and is affiliated with the National Research Council (CSIC).

The Webometrics Ranking is based on the Berlin Principles on Ranking of Higher Education Institutions.Webometrics Ranking measures the volume, visibility and impact of the web pages published by universities, with special emphasis on scientific output (referred papers, conference contributions, pre-prints, monographs, thesis, reports) It also takes into account other materials such as courses, seminars or workshops documentation, digital libraries, databases, multimedia, personal pages etc. General information on the institution, their departments, research groups, supporting services and people working or attending courses are also included.

According to Mr Isidro. F. Aguillo who is the project manger of Webometrics, some of the first ten universities within the ranking are Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Cornell. Turkish Cypriot Universities have been ranked under the category of universities in Turkey with Bilkent University ranking 475th and Middle East Technical University ranking 482nd in the world ranking. In January 2006, EMU ranked 1741 in the world rankings. In January 2007, EMU was in 15th place amongst Turkish universities and has now moved up to 13 in the rankings.

The rankings are announced every year in January and July and posted on their website. For more information please visit

According to the Vice Rector for Promotion and International Affairs, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Majid Hashemipour, EMU has also been keeping track of visitor traffic to the EMU web site over the summer period leading up to registration for the new Fall 2007 semester. A total of 180,000 people have visited the EMU website as of 12th July, 2007. 80% of the visitor traffic was from Turkey and the remaining 20% were from people in different parts of the world.

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