Monday, March 5, 2012

EMU Continues to Rise on an International Scale

At the end of 2011, “Webometrics Ranking of World Universities” which provides evaluations and rankings for over twenty thousand universities throughout the world has improved the rank of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) amongst 12 thousand other universities.
Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has risen over 400 places since the end of 2010, moving into the 1025th spot and proudly presenting the flag of TRNC. Webometrics Center is based in Spain and is operating under the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). After a detailed survey was conducted, EMU was placed in the 1025th position. Only 13 of the 18 higher education institutions operating in the Greek Side of Cyprus have managed to qualify and the best of them being the University of Cyprus was ranked 1057th proving yet again that EMU is the leading university in the whole of Cyprus. Other universities in TRNC were ranked 3382nd and 8093rd respectively.
Webometrics has adopted the Berlin Principles on Ranking of Higher Education Institutions where they strictly adhere to the guidelines that are put into effect. Official webpages of the universities are evaluated according to the Volume, Visibility and the Impact of it taking into account the institutions scientific production (in terms of published articles, conferences, thesis, reports, monographs etc.) and the Support materials (Course materials, databases, digital libraries, staff pages, workshops, etc.)

Eastern Mediterranean University has raised its Web presence in the year 2011 and with the evaluations that were completed by Webometrics, it demonstrated the quality of EMU’s publications.
With the success achieved by EMU, the university has become the 426th best in Europe and the 12th out of the 180 State and Private Universities with a Faculty of Medicine and the 6th out of the ones without a Faculty of Medicine in Turkey.

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