Monday, March 5, 2012

EMU Graduate Burak Çetinay Earns a Job in Fujitsu, a World Renowned Company

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) graduate Burak Çetinay has made significant achievements at the world-renowned Japanese technology giant Fujitsu. He graduated from the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and shortly after his graduation he was employed as a system engineer working in system integration companies. He continued his career to become a Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Solutions expert.
In 2002, he started working at the Servus Company where he fulfilled his duties by marketing the Hitachi Data Storage Systems within Turkey. He managed to land a job at Fujitsu in 2007 and has been continuing his career henceforth. He is currently employed as the Channel Sales Director.
Çetinay stated that EMU has made a huge impact in his career and that the education he received while studying at EMU not only taught him the necessities but also taught him how to lead and become a leader in his field. He stated that prospective students of EMU must pick a field that they love and that they should know their goals in order to achieve them. He concluded his words by adding that studying in EMU will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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